Audix Features

All the same great features, now for Audiology

We know from our own practice and our users that extending the services you offer can make a real difference to your business and your patients. It was an easy decision for us to create an Audiology module, allowing users to seamlessly manage Optical and Audiology patients within the one interface.

We’ve been working with a team of Audiologists to create great clinical experiences, while you benefit from all the surrounding features in Optix.

Always giving you more

Regular Updates

At our offices in York, our team are always busy working on new and exciting things for our users. We work with pilot sites to get feedback and to make sure everything is working exactly how we want before we roll it out. All updates are included in your monthly rental too!

Noah Integration

We’ve integrated with Noah to collect the data during our clinical procedures. Noah can be used to measure the patient’s hearing loss using audiograms, speech tests and loudness scaling.

  • Noah is compatible with a range of testing equipment, so it’s easy to get up and running.
  • Our integration with Noah means that all previous hearing assessments and procedures are available in the Audiology module. This gives your Audiologist access to previous data to see how a patient’s hearing has changed over time.

Clinical Procedures

The team have been working with a team of Audiologists and our pilot sites to create detailed and easy to use clinical procedures. You can currently perform:

  • Hearing Assessments
  • Hearing Instrument Fittings
  • Wax Removals

Too many features to name

Benefit From All The Features in Optix

Our Audiology module is seamlessly integrated within Optix. This means you get access to all the great features we’ve created over the years. To get a real sense of how our Audiology module could add value to your business, request a demo or contact us with any questions.

First Class Functionality

With customer support to match

Your monthly rental includes access to our team of experts based in York, because we want you to get the most out of Optix. We’ll work with you to make sure Optix is working for you and your business.

A date for your diary

The Optix Conference

Escape the office for a few days to meet the team and hear about what we’ve been working on.