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Optician Practice Management Software

Everything you need to manage your patients, staff, suppliers, operations and finances.


Optix 2

Announcing the upcoming launch.

To give you a taste of what’s on the horizon and to showcase some of the initial features of Optix 2, we invite you to watch the preview video.

We know you’ll love it

Why Choose Optix?

Whether you have a single practice or over fifty sites, Optix gives you the right tools to run and grow your business. Our suite of audiology and optician practice management tools help you react faster, make better decisions and improve your business performance.


Fully integrated optical and audiology practice management software

ISO 27001 CErtification

We’re the only PMS provider to hold this accreditation

Data Secured

Data stored in managed
private cloud


Friendly support team
based in Yorkshire


On-site and remote training for your staff


Simple and transparent pricing


Working with our users

Over 20 years experience in helping our users run and grow their business.

We've built a comprehensive optician business management system and service to match over the years. We've worked with our users to create a PMS that they love to use, and we're really proud of that.


More than a piece of optician software

We've learnt a lot about what goes in to running an optical and audiology practice.

From experience running our own practice, we knew there was  more to worry about than just a PMS provider. That's why we provide additional services to make things easier for you. That's just one of the benefits of using Optix in your business.

What Optix Can Do

Support & Training

Behind every outstanding optician software solution lies an equally exceptional support system, and at Optix, we take great pride in our team. Made up of genuine individuals, our customer service team goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Choose Optix and experience the unparalleled support that sets us apart.

What Optix Can Do

Features & Benefits

To see how Optix could help your business, request a demo from our friendly team based in Yorkshire.


Direct Debits


Business Intelligence





Product Catalogue


Plus much more ...

we've branched out


All the same great features, now for Audiology!

Seamlessly manage your Optical and Audiology businesses to provide even more value to your patients.

We've worked with a group of Audiologists to create easy to use and simple clinical procedures and hearing instrument recommendations.