technical details

Optix uses Smart Client technology - designed by Microsoft to take advantage of high
speed Internet connectivity without the inherent limitations of using a web browser. 


Optix has a rich user friendly interface with unique multitasking abilities that allow you to have multiple patient records, diary views, EPOS sessions etc all open and in use simultaneously.

Combining fast broadband connections with Checkpoint VPN security a private network is created between each of your sites and our central servers, your data is online 24/7.

3G mobile connections and Wi-Fi hotspots allow authorised staff to access your network securely from almost anywhere in the world at any time. In addition, patients can be offered the facility to book appointments through your web site in real time 24 hours a day.

Your database is professionally managed with continual backups held off site for complete peace of mind. Software updates are centrally applied and automatically distributed to each of your computers without any user intervention. Optix provides a total network solution with additional options including Antivirus protection, Antispyware and other systems support. 

Without any need for your own IT resource, this fully managed network provides high speed communication between each of your practices which is available for you to use with any other business application.

Optix - Smart thinking