stock control

Stock control allows you to manage stock for a branch or for the whole group.
Create stock orders, book goods in, monitor supplier performance and
minimise waste and leakage. Add to that some great reporting and
you really do have an invaluable business tool


  • Fully integrated with product catalogue, spectacle & contact lens dispensing, ordering & EPOS
  • Create single stock orders for multiple products and multiple branches from a supplier
  • Supports booking in of part fulfilled stock orders
  • Seamlessly view and move stock between branches within a group
  • View stock-on-order in addition to stocks already held for more informed decision making
  • Full product history available at any time
  • Encourages focus on slow moving stock items
  • Consignment stocks, buffer stock levels and reorder prompting all supported
  • Optional auto replenishment system with order consolidation
  • Support for 3rd party catalogue management services
  • Electronic stocktake facility using hand-held cordless device
  • Audit trail of variances and subsequent adjustments
  • Manual stock count handling and reporting also available
  • Security controlled stock adjustments with full audit trail
  • Stock valuation reporting for management accounting purposes
Stock Control

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