patient recall

Recall is arguably the most important part of any practice management system.
It does not get any better or more flexible than the system integrated into Optix


  • No requirement for separate word processing software – Recall is totally integrated within Optix
  • Recall structure can be as simple or sophisticated as you wish
  • Create patient recalls as often as you wish to match how busy the practice diary is
  • Recalls can be sent by post, e-mail or SMS and take into account any patient communication preferences
  • Fully managed remote printing and mailing option, giving massive time and cost savings
  • Unlimited easily definable recall groups
  • Flexibility to add multiple steps to each recall group
  • Users can also write to patients directly from the patient record in addition to recall communications
  • Communications are usually based on centrally created communication templates
  • Graphics and images supported
  • Separate communication messages can be sent automatically to different age groups and different genders all within one recall step
  • Recall letters can be printed in branch or centrally as preferred
  • Full history of recall batches is maintained and this allows easy reprinting of letters when required
  • Recall letters are not automatically printed if the patient has an appointment in the diary or if the letter contains empty data ‘placeholders’
  • Recall settings for a patient are accessible from the patient summary screen and are also available for review at the end of each clinical procedure
Patient Recall

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