Customer orders are initiated by completing spectacle and contact
lens dispenses. Ordering manages the progress of customer orders,
creates purchase orders where necessary and tracks the orders
against ‘promised dates’ right up to collection of goods.


  • Customer orders still in progress are clearly displayed on the patient record summary screen with the current status of the order.
  • Link to ordering from the patient record and also link back to the patient record from ordering
  • A full record of completed orders for a patient is held within the patient record
  • Can be maintained within branch or centrally for all branches
  • Easy to install a terminal within your lab to improve communication and manage workload expectations
  • Each customer order will automatically select the default suppliers and workflow based on the catalogue set up of products that have been dispensed. This makes for quick confirmation and creation of purchase orders. The default can be over ridden if required
  • Full integration with major lens manufacturers and EDI ordering using a single tracer
  • Order approval systems based on internal control rules
  • Allows for supplier performance analysis and appraisal
  • View stocks and any stock-on-order in other branches before confirming any purchase orders
  • Add further notes to those added in the original dispense
  • Purchase orders are printed for each supplier required to fulfil the dispense requirements. E mail, telephone and fax options are also supported
  • Standard instructions can be included with each purchase order – ‘please supply to’, ‘frame to follow’ and so on
  • Standard customer order statuses make order tracking simple
  • Quickly see how many jobs are pending, in progress, awaiting collection etc
  • Overdue jobs are flagged clearly for action
  • An SMS can be sent to the patient when goods are ready to collect

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