Optix has the most comprehensive feature set of any Practice Management System
available, Some of the highlights are covered in this section

Administrative Features

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In any practice your appointment book is the hub around which everything works. The diary...

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The most comprehensive EPOS system you could ever wish for. Standalone or integrated with...

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Customer orders are initiated by completing spectacle and contact lens dispenses. Ordering...

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Patient Recall

Recall is arguably the most important part of any practice management system. It does not get...

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Direct Debits

The most comprehensive Direct Debit management system available. Minimal staff intervention...

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Stock Control

Stock control allows you to manage stock for a branch or for the whole group. Create stock...

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NHS Vouchers

Integrated with EPOS, users can easily manage, submit and track subsequent payment of NHS...

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Scheme Management

Comprehensive management of patient entitlement to products within patient schemes. Simply...

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System Administration

Optix has an extensive back office administration area which is only available to staff with...