eye exam

Full clinical records are available allowing for paperless practices.
Full audit trail is maintained at each stage within the eye examination allowing
for separate measured, issued and dispensed prescriptions where required.


  • Comprehensive eye examination recording
  • Unlimited prescriptions per patient
  • Easy capture of patient’s lifestyle and hobbies to assist with practice marketing
  • Flag any conditions that are of concern
  • Thomson Software EMedInfo is fully integrated and updated
  • Comprehensive clinical equipment integrations including current Nidek and Topcon instruments
  • Full logging of previous, measured and actual issued prescription
  • Ophthalmoscopy and slit lamp information integrated within the eye examination
  • Link to fundus cameras with built in image handling
  • Sketching tool incorporated within the eye exam
  • Full audit trail showing details of any record amendments
  • Easy printout of patient prescription and contact lens specification on completion of examination
  • Opportunity at the end of the examination to review and adjust the recall planned for the patient following the results of the test
  • Record domiciliary visits in real time
  • Eye examination history maintained within ‘clinical history’ that shows full detail of all clinical procedures carried out for the patient
  • No more lost details or struggling to read illegible record cards
Eye Exam

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