In any practice your appointment book is the hub around which everything works.
The diary system in Optix takes our unique and highly successful approach to an
even higher level including real-time views across an entire group of practices.


  • Availability of rooms or appointments shown with configurable colour coding in the diary
  • 'Squash ins' allowed with appropriate permissions
  • Fully integrated SMS and E-mail appointment reminders
  • Easy definable and changeable breaks, lunches, meetings etc
  • Simple booking and changing of appointment times for new or existing patients
  • Real time update of all displays within a practice
  • View other branch diaries and make appointments for patients in those diaries
  • Call centre / centralised booking supported
  • Familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook
  • Fully configurable to suit the number of consulting rooms and clinical staff in each practice
  • Definable appointment types and lengths including split appointments
  • Professional staff cannot be booked with an inappropriate appointment type by mistake
  • Truly flexible display – view a day. a week, or any number of days you choose
  • Works closely with recall to prevent recalls being sent to patients who have appointments booked
  • Secure real-time online booking via your practice website

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