Optix Enterprise provides this comprehensive business intelligence functionality in a complete pre-built solution.

We provide over 90 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within a performance management balanced scorecard. The scorecard quickly spotlights areas of concern or problems requiring immediate attention and also highlights areas of success which provides for priceless internal benchmarking for multi-site businesses.

In addition, users can drill down from the performance scorecard to more detailed dashboard views for each main part of the business. This allows managers to look behind the KPIs to establish more detail, identify trends and branches requiring management intervention. All this information is also graphically illustrated providing for fast and accurate analysis.

This information is critical for business managers but is in fact incredibly powerful at all levels of the organisation. Individuals can view their own personal contribution to business performance by regularly sharing the benchmarking data with them and they can then see the ongoing effects as they strive to influence that performance.