VoIP Telephone Systems for Optix Users

The Service

We are great believers on VoIP technology having used it ourselves for well over ten years. Having seen many of our customers struggling with poorly implemented and unreliable VoIP telephone systems, it became very clear that there is a significant demand for a high quality, reliable, and well supported VoIP solution.

We looked very carefully at the prices we needed to charge to ensure the quality levels were consistent with the service that our customers value so highly. Our pricing is based purely on the number of simultaneous calls that can be made (either internally or externally) and not on the number of extensions you have connected. It is worth pointing out that this is the cost across your whole group, so exactly as with Optix, your VoIP system is not a separate one at each store that talks to each other, but one system to which every branch connects and calling between stores is just a 3 digit internal number.

Our Pricing

Number of simultaneous calls Incoming Numbers Included Initial Setup Monthly Rental
4 1 £200 £60
8 2 £300 £110
16 4 £400 £200

We provide a fully manged service so you can either make any day-to-day changes yourself or ask Optix support to assist. The only additional ongoing cost is your calls which are charged at these rates https://www.orbtalk.co.uk/call-rates. We have used Orbtalk for many years and have huge confidence in their service. Orbtalk bill by the second with no minimum call charges which makes them extremely competitive.

Additional Charges?

The "Incoming numbers included" is the number of publically available phone numbers you have routed into the system. If you require more than the basic allocation then these are available at an additional £2 per line/month. Any existing numbers you use can be migrated to route into your VoIP system as part of this allocation and there is a one-off cost of £25 per number for this porting service.

In addition you will need to purchase VoIP telephones to use with the system. We supply and support various models from the Yealink range of telephones which range in price from around £60 to around £180 each depending on the features you require.

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