business intelligence

Used by forward thinking organisations, Business Intelligence
is the key to improving your performance and profitability.


What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) provides regular snapshots of strategic financial and operational information organised for simple viewing. This enables rapid, responsive and proactive management - the hallmark of any successful business. 

The Optix BI system provides this information in breath-taking fashion by utilising data scorecards and dashboards. Business critical data is presented in an easy to understand, convenient and highly visual format. Using scorecards helps you to improve performance by providing comprehensive, at-a-glance views of key data across your whole business.

Optix includes comprehensive Business Intelligence reporting. Over 90 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are provided within a performance management balanced scorecard. This quickly spotlights any areas of concern and problems that may require immediate attention as well as highlighting areas of particular success.

Information is not only critical for business managers but it is also incredibly powerful at all levels of the organisation. Optix allows you to share access to your selected benchmarking data with individual staff. They can then view their own personal contribution to the business and see the real time effects as they work to influence that performance.

Optix – Intelligent thinking. 



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